The price of success is hard work, dedication to the concerned job and exerting best possible efforts irrespective of the outcome of winning or losing.

Mr. H.S Madaan :

The founder member and visionary of the group has progressed with over 2 decades of rich industrial experience. He has advanced the business activities of the Group through his attitude of unrestrained dynamism channelized towards achieving precision.
“This company was built through team effort. We didn’t have sufficient resources, so we had to struggle through everything and one fine day, everything fell into place.”

Mr. S.S Makkar :  

Being one of the strong pillars of the company, his entrepreneurial skills have proved to be a boon for the Group for over a decade now. He has explored with inventive ideas and has skilfully made possible several seemingly impossible ventures.
“Today, to reach a mark we have to think things differently and we know that we are moving in the ‘not so usual’ direction.”

Mr. C.S Bhatia :

Having a very realistic and optimistic approach towards management and operational activities, he deftly manages the entire operations with calm and ease.
“It is a dream come true for us. Everything we did made its own way. From a simple beginning, we are now a recognised name in the steel tube industry .”

Mr. J.S Madaan :

He marks the beginning of entry of the succeeding generations into the Group. Even though he is young, he is agile and industrious. He is endowed with excellent business skills & looks after all aspects of upcoming projects and future developments of the Group.
“Everyone in the Accurate family has played a crucial role in its success & achievements. We have been blessed with good & loyal team members who have been partners in our Growth.”