Cold Drawn Welded (CDW) tubes are produced at our state- of- the- art manufacturing plant that has the capabilities to produce high quality tubes at fully Automated Draw Benches at low cost and with short lead & committed span.
These tubes are suitable for variety of applications & are extensively in demand now-a-days in the Automotive & General engineering sector due to

- High precision dimensional tolerances.
- Higher strength.
- Controlled & uniform mechanical properties.
- Smooth surface finish – 0.2 Ra for cylinder bore quality.
- Uniform sectional thickness.

Size Range and Specification:

- CEW Tubes are available in standard Specification as per:
- CEW-1(As Drawn or Annealed) as per IS-3074
- Tubes supplied – As Drawn or As Finally Bright Annealed (Both as longer tubes or CTL sizes)

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Manufacturing Process:

- It initiates with Annealing and Surface treatment of ERW tubes.
- Cold swaging/push pointing operations for preparing pointed ends.
- High precision close machined die to control outer diameter.
- Plug placed coaxial with outer die to control inner diameter.
- Annealing, straightening, 100 % Mechanical & Final testing to ensure quality and fitness for required application as per demand.
- Process is repeated if Tube Draw Reduction increases in case of Smaller & Critical outer diameters.